Volume 6 Issue 4
December 1997

Halloween Mountings
Ohana celebrated Halloween by holding its annual costume contest. The winners this year were dressed in elaborate and unique costume in outfit she created herself.
First place went to Karen Galeon who was dressed a stunning show-girl type
Second place went to Tola Olie who courageously dressed as a woman with a muu muu and wig to complete his ensemble.

Third place went to Pat Sherbert who dressed all in black as the Bat of IIT.
There was a tie for fourth place: Robert Buen
spooked everyone at Gate 29 as the Grim Reaper, and Robert Smith dressed as a Roman citizen complete with a robe, slippers, and a laurel on his head. What a Halloween it was!

Once again, the owners of Blind Vendors Ohana treated it's employees to a special Thanksgiving meal. Since Ohana is a 24 hour operation, all those who had to work on this holiday received a free meal courtesy of Ohana. The menu consisted of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and all the trimmings. Thanks Ohana!

Store Decorating Contest
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■he Christmas spirit was alive as all seven stores and the office decorated to celebrate the holidays. Choosing the winners this year was a tough job, but all judges agreed that the Diamond Head store decorated by the Grave Shift was the most impressive.
Two stores tied for second place: Y-Concourse decorated by the Swing Shift, and the Inter-Island Terminal Shop. Third place went to the Office, and a consolation prize went to the Central Main Store decorated by the Morning Shift.

Although not all shops were in the contest, each store was decorated beautifully by the many talented elves of Ohana.